Saturday, 15 November 2008

CD Review: Above The Weeping World, by Insomnium (2006)

Insomnium's predominant style is to throw up a thick wall of melodic sound with crunchy rhythm guitars, and provide colour in the form of restrained lead guitars and intermittent growly vocals. It's a distinctive approach, but one where the overall sound dominates and memorable tunes or showcase solos are relatively absent. As a result the songs tend to meld into each other and there is not much to remember at the end of the journey.

There is nothing technically wrong with Above The Weeping World, the band's third studio CD. Insomnium deliver a melancholy collection of relatively slow to mid-tempo heavy metal songs with a prevailing mood of persistent darkness drawn straight from the long winters of northern Finland. The compositions are strong and create a steady musical flow. The band is in fine form, with accurate and coordinated delivery. The CD just lacks that defining moment or performance that would have lifted it into orbit.

The stronger tracks are instrumental opener The Gale, which appropriately sets the wet and dark scene, and the closing two tracks, Devoid of Caring and In The Groves of Death, which provide the most interesting melodies and tempo changes, and seal the deal on the gloomy atmosphere. Otherwise, there are no weak tracks, just good and very good songs. Above The Weeping World delivers that most strange kind of heavy metal CD: one that can be played in the background, mostly to create a mood.


Ville Friman - Guitars
Ville Vanni - Guitars
Markus Hirvonen - Drums
Niilo Sevanen - Vocals, Bass

Songlist (Ratings out of 10):

1. The Gale - 9
2. Mortal Share - 8 *See Video Below*
3. Drawn To Black - 7
4. Change Of Heart - 8
5. At The Gates Of Sleep - 7
6. The Killjoy - 8
7. Last Statement - 8
8. Devoid Of Caring - 9
9. In The Groves Of Death - 9

Average: 8.11

Recorded and Mixed by Samu Oittinen
Mastered by Minerva Pappi

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