Saturday, 30 August 2008

CD Review: As The Palaces Burn, by Lamb of God (2003)

As The Palaces Burn finds Lamb of God caught between two worlds. Behind them is the world of mindless headbanging and instrument mashing that resembles primates discovering instruments in an abandoned warehouse and experimenting with them with all the finesse of jungle law. This is the world that produces such nonsense as Purified, Boot Scraper, A Devil In God's Country, and Blood Junkie, half a CD's worth of tripe that should have never been committed to any form of recording.

Ahead of them is the world of power infused with masterful melodies, and the discovery that music means more than thumping away. This is the world that produces Ruin, the classic CD opener, and other strong tracks like As The Palaces Burn, 11th Hour, and For Your Malice. Fortunately, the next CDs, namely Ashes Of The Wake and Sacrament, showed that the band veered very much into the more mature melodic metal territory, without losing their dangerously powerful sound.

All this leaves As The Palaces Burn as a very dis-jointed listen, capturing the band in mid-transition, and likely to be equally half-loved and half-hated.


Willie Adler: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Chris Adler: Drums
Randy Blythe: Vocals
John Campbell: Bass
Mark Morton: Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Songlist (Ratings out of 10):

1. Ruin - 10
2. As The Palaces Burn - 8
3. Purified - 5
4. 11th Hour - 9
5. For Your Malice - 8
6. Boot Scraper - 4
7. A Devil In God's Country - 5
8. In Defence Of Our Good Name - 7
9. Blood Junkie - 5
10. Vigil -8

Average: 6.90

Engineered by Devin Townsend
Produced by Devin Townsend and Lamb of God
Mixed by Shaun Thingvold and Lamb of God
Mastered by Louie Teran

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